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{January 23, 2007}   LineRider

A simple but nice game to waste some time.
Draw some lines on the screen and watch the dude ride your lines.

Link to the flash game LineRider

{June 26, 2006}   How long can you…

hold the button?

Stupid but nice idea *g*

Check out the game on

{May 31, 2006}   DHTML Lemmings

Incredible – Lemmings in a DHTML / Javascript version!
Big shout out to crisp for doing this!

Want to play a game? Click here!

{April 06, 2006}   Sonic The Hedgehog in 21:44 mins!

Don’t know who played through the game in that hurry, but see for yourself

{April 05, 2006}   Genesis is back!

I remember those days where I used to play the Sega Genesis console – today most ROMs are released into public domain. Or have you seen some Genesis at your local games dealer? *g*

Why not grab a nice Genesis emulator and remember of those g’old times?

I will post links to legal ROMs in future…


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