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{January 31, 2009}   Solving glitchy sound problems on Realtek HD and Conexant HD onboard audio chips with external speakers on Windows Vista (maybe WinXP, too)

Maybe it’s the internal PC beep that’s destroying the onboard-sound output.

I tried to search the web to solve that problem but only found pages where hundreds of people are describing the same problem but no one solved it.
Try my little hint – it worked for me, maybe for you too.
Please don’t worry about the German Vista – it should work with all other localisations, too.

  1. Open the Device Manager by pressing the WINDOWS-KEY and PAUSE and clicking on it
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  2. Enable all devices to be shown in the devices list
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  3. Choose the group Non-PnP-Drivers and double click on "Beep"

  4. Stop the beep by clicking on "Stop" in the group box "current state" and change the startup behaviour to "Disabled"
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If you can hear some cleaner sound out of your external speakers – enjoy it :-)

{January 13, 2008}   Extreme pooing

Kacken aus Auto – MyVideo

{September 14, 2007}   Pissing into batteries :-)

ROFL, now that’s a nice invention, the NoPoPo.

via CrunchGear

Aqua Power System, from Japan, has unveiled the NoPoPo batteries that are rechargeable via liquid that’s injected into the battery chamber. Yes, it will run off your urine if that’s where you thought this was going to lead. But let’s try and be mature about this. The rechargeable batteries come in AA and AAA and the basic principle behind the pee-powered NoPoPo’s is that a mixture of magnesium and carbon reacts with the liquid you choose to inject, which in turn produces up to 500 mAh of life. Not the greatest battery life, but it’s a start. Fly on over to Japan and pick some up for me. Please.

{September 13, 2007}   You thought we wouldn’t notice

Q: What is that page?
A: A web site to show the world how often people are being ripped off.

Check it out @

{August 15, 2007}   Coke GTA

{August 13, 2007}   Christmas == Halloween?

Real programmers confuse Christmas and Halloween because DEC 25 == OCT 31

{August 13, 2007}   Daft Hands

{July 19, 2007}   Lodger – I love death

{July 07, 2007}   Norwegian kids mess with train

Norwegian Kids Mess With Train – Watch more free videos

{June 25, 2007}   I CAN HAS CODE


Check out what it’s all about on


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