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{November 25, 2006}   R3M!X3D 002

Size: ca. 50 MB
Format: OGG
Genre: Funky-Tech-House

Please enjoy and feel free to share!

Click here to check out this mix it the mixupload-forum

{November 17, 2006}   Hello world in 65 programming languages

Yeah, piece of cake – check it out here on Michael Neumann’s page or download it here.

{November 15, 2006}   Bluescreen of death screensaver


“Select the “Settings” button to enable fake disk activity, which adds an extra touch of realism!” – Microsoft

Grab the BSOD screensaver at Microsoft TechNet

Note: McAfee users might get a Joke.Bluescreen.c virus warning because it is a joke program

{November 10, 2006}   New page out

A friend of mine – OC Alex formerly known as El Fritto, has started a new webpage:
This will the future place to be if you want to show your graffiti paintings on the net.
Be sure to check it out. (Page is in construction process now)

{November 08, 2006}   Glare shield

Check out this new monitor glare shield *rotfl*

Found on weirdo blog


Nothing ventured, nothing gained. On the prowl for noise while having the munchies for mashups!

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