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{May 25, 2007}   Top 10 Favorite Foods of Homer Simpson

From Nancy Basile via Your Guide to Animated TV.

Homer Simpson loves foods. But which are his favorites? I’ve made a list of Homer Simpson’s top ten favorite foods based on the number of times he has said,”Mmm,” or referenced a food on “The Simpsons.” You may disagree, but the results are based on math and statistics.

  1. Beer
    Though I don’t have exact numbers for this, but I think Homer drinks Duff beer at least once in every episode. He visits Duff Brewery and Duff Gardens. He drinks fancy Duffenbrau and just plain ol’ Duff.
    More: “The Simpsons” Archive Food List
  2. Burgers
    Whether they’re flamed on the grill, or fried on Marge’s stove, burgers are Homer Simpson’s number one favorite food. I counted over fifty references on the food list at “The Simpsons” Archive.
    More: Recipes for Homer Simpson-Style Burgers
  3. Hot Dogs
    Homer eats hot dogs at home, at picnics and at the ballpark. There are forty references on the food list at “The Simpsons” Archive.
    More: “The Simpsons” Archive Food List
  4. Pizza
    Homer will eat pizza hot or cold. There are thirty-seven references on the food list at “The Simpsons” Archive.
    More: “The Simpsons” Archive Food List
  5. Chocolate
    Homer said “mmmm” to chocolate in “Bart’s Dog Gets an F,” “Radio Bart” and “Krusty Gets Busted.” He daydreamed about a world made of chocolate in “Burns Verkaufen der Kraftwerk.”
    More: “The Simpsons” Episode Guide
  6. Donuts
    Who would Homer Simpson be without donuts? These treats are referenced in “Homer at the Bat,” “Treehouse of Horror IV” and “Simpson Tide.”
    More: “The Simpsons” Episode Guide
  7. Sprinkles
    Homer drools over sprinkles in “Treehouse of Horror VI” and “Treehouse of Horror II.”
    More: “The Simpsons” Episode Guide
  8. Pancakes
    Oh, yes, pancakes. In “Blood Feud” and “Stark Raving Dad” Homer describes his desire for flapjacks.
    More: “The Simpsons” Episode Guide
  9. Beer Nuts
    Homer says “Mmm” to beer nuts frequently at Moe’s, specifically in “A Star Is Burns.”
    More: “The Simpsons” Episode Guide
  10. Free Goo
    Okay. Maybe free goo is a stretch. It’s so funny I had to put it on the list. Homer says “Mmm” to free goo in “Boy-Scoutz N the Hood.”
    More: “The Simpsons” Episode Guide

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