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{July 26, 2007}   Lancer OGG Codec

Hey friends of Ogg Vorbis!
I found a speed optimized version of aoTuV’s tuned OggVorbis-Codec which encodes around 10-16 times faster but with the quality tunings of the aoTuV codec!
So, if you have a multicore processor and often encode your audio to Ogg Vorbis format – it’ll be worth to check out Lancer’s homepage. Lancer’s homepage is in Japanese but the major facts you need to know in order to choose the right optimization for you are in English. Even the OggDropXP version is completely in English. So why wait?

{July 19, 2007}   Lodger – I love death

{July 07, 2007}   Norwegian kids mess with train

Norwegian Kids Mess With Train – Watch more free videos


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