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{March 10, 2006}   About me…

The following biography is taken from the artists-page:

“It all began with a C64. The music essay editing service of computer games has always inspired me. In 1994 I bought my first PC. I began my first experience with the Screamtracker program but at first my music sounded really weird and therefore he tried to remix existing songs. Better technique and newer software opened new ways for producing songs, therefore the quality of his music has been growing better and better. Nowadays 100% of my songs have been produced with software. I don’t want to change this because the freeware program Buzz provides thousands of possibilities to produce new, unheard sounds.”

The musical-character of my productions, remixes and mixes

For some pictures of myself check the media-page.

More to come soon!!!


Nothing ventured, nothing gained. On the prowl for noise while having the munchies for mashups!

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